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By A.A. Podiatry
September 11, 2015
Category: Foot Health
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Do you have unsightly, painful bunions or are you in the process of developing them? The good news is that there are lots of treatment options available to you, depending on the size, severity and location of your bunions. In fact, here are just a few of the bunion treatmentBunions options Dr. Annik Adamson at A. A. Podiatry, PLLC regularly recommends to his patients in Alexandria. One of them may be just right for you too.

1. Comfortable Shoes

While researchers disagree over whether or not your footwear can cause bunions, the fact is that some types of footwear, especially shoes that are too tight or that feature a large heel, certainly don't help. Look instead for roomy, comfortable shoes that feature a wide toe box and a low heel. This treatment option is recommended for any person who suffers from bunions, whether large or small.

2. Shoe Inserts

If it is the size or shape of your foot that is contributing to the problem, not your choice of shoes, a shoe insert may help. Shoe inserts, which can be purchased over the counter or custom made for your feet, can help distribute the weight of your foot, support your arch and reduce pressure spots. Moleskin pads and gel-filled pads can help with this as well.

3. Medications

While medication won't cure your bunion, if your bunion is painful or swollen, medication can help ease your pain and reduce the amount of swelling. Try an over-the-counter medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen first. If those don't help, ask your doctor for a prescription.

4. Surgery

If your bunion is severe or persistent or other treatments haven't helped, it may be time to speak to Dr. Adamson in Alexandria about surgery. An invasive but effective bunion treatment option, surgery may be able to help when other methods have failed. Common surgical techniques include removing swollen tissue or bone and joining or realigning the bones.

Bunions aren't generally dangerous, but they can be rather unsightly and painful. If you're ready to find the right bunion treatment for you, now is a great time to call Dr. Adamson at A. A. Podiatry, PLLC in Alexandria to discuss your treatment options. Dr. Adamson will evaluate your condition, ask which at-home treatment methods you've tried so far, and work with you to develop a treatment plan that is just right for you. Call and set up your appointment today.